Why design and creativity is the most precious product and service in the digital age

March 18, 2022
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Technology evolved. For a long time the type of impact we have today didn’t exist. It got fast, wide and literally viral. As the whole digital market grew and products like smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart home applications and so on came up, it has made the Internet and other digital applications widely accessible. In the past 15 years our world transformed drastically through these changes. Today millions of people rely on these products and services because they make the biggest part of our communication these days. It is essentially everywhere for all of these people.

Seeing all kinds of changes our society went through, now leads to ultimately creating new desires. People want more trustworthy and personal interactions with the companies that will shape their future. We live in a world where private companies are getting more influential then ever because they have the resources. While Bill Gates supports poor communities and is donating more then anyone ever had before for quite a while now, spaceX just recently launched astronauts in orbit with their returning rocket.

Unlike governments and politics these companies are left to rely and work harder for the trust of their followers.

If you like your product there is a big chance that there are other people who would too. Essentially, if people like what you have to say, they will listen. So communication in a entertaining, natural and personal way will lead to more attention.

Also what I found is – especially in my generation – when a company is transparent and explains their actions and displays their goals, people can be understanding and even helpful. So it is important to create space for communication. Talking to the audience in a personal matter, because of trust.

To achieve this, is where design comes into play. The tools we have for designing these experiences are getting better and better every day. And with it, the possibilities in design are getting wider and wider. Creative thinkers and problems solvers today are able to fuse so many different approaches to get a new ideas and design solutions. #designthinking. This creates importance for an interest in these different fields. Combining Code with motors, creating new ways of communication (digitally and physically), Rethinking manufacturing, establishing interdisciplinary solutions – all of this requires creative processes and creative people to get seamless solutions.

It blows my mind what one is capable to do with just one good computer these days. And I am not only talking about files I am also talking about 3D design. Creating objects and 3D shapes and actually transform my digital data into physical products. So also fields like product design evolved in a way that made prototyping and production easier and faster.

So with all of this in mind: for me, the most exiting it can get when all of these worlds come together and create an multi-sensational environment which feels good, explorable, which makes me wonder, and at the same time educating about the values and purpose of a project/product. This is where words like gamification and phigital experience come up. Designing these experiences through professional creative services are already fact and will further grow in value.

As a designer I also think of myself as a problem solver. Solving the problems of communication through design and enhancing user experiences with given technologies is what I want to do.

Being part of projects with impact through influential, focused design is my goal.

I truly believe that design in the future has the power to shape a personal, intuitive and beautiful world. A place with less distraction and more value.

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