Between Freedom and Responsibility:

The Tightrope Walk of Self-Employment.
March 17, 2024
2½ min

Embarking on the path of self-employment, I was armed with the knowledge that it would be a rigorous and challenging journey. I never assumed it would be a walk in the park, yet the reality has a way of grounding you with its harsh lessons. This choice was driven by my desire for change, for more out of myself and my life – embracing new challenges head-on.

The Unpredictability of Routine

Planning my days too strictly is not my style. Establishing routines is important, but in a life full of change and personal responsibility, it’s easier said than done. It’s easy to lose track of things. Everyone experiences phases of laziness or lack of motivation. When you’re self-employed, however, you immediately feel the consequences of a few days of downtime — and no one is responsible for this but yourself.

Energy and Resources

Yes, I feel that I don’t have time for many things. Time for my environment, friends and family seems to be available every day in theory, but the reality is different. As a semi-introvert, the hustle and bustle quickly becomes too much for me. My emphatic nature and tendency to want to please others put an additional strain on me in the context of my young self-employment.

Finding Balance

Realizing a 24/7 work mode is unsustainable has been pivotal. My aim is to build something long-lasting, and now is the time I choose to invest my energy. This doesn't mean neglecting my circle. On the contrary, it makes the moments spent with friends and family all the more precious.

The Importance of Breaks

Many assume my productivity is constant. However, striving for non-stop efficiency is neither healthy nor realistic. My goal is sustainable growth. If I were to chase every "social obligation" without granting myself and my mind the necessary breaks, I'd likely burn out.

Habit and balance

My dog, an Australian Shepherd, has brought balance into my life. She requires training, adding another layer to my daily responsibilities, but she also offers companionship and confidence, encouraging social interactions and helping lower barriers. She’s helping me a lot to take every day as it comes. She’s my moon, showing me that there are more important things in life.

Organisation and To-Do Lists

Keeping track of ongoing projects is essential. Despite numerous attempts at sticking to to-do lists, staying consistent is a challenge. Recently, I've developed a to-do funnel that I plan to refine and share.

The Middle Ground

Being self-employed doesn't strip away your humanity. It's vital to find and maintain "The Middle" - a balance. Just because some manage to juggle numerous roles doesn't mean it's the healthy or correct path for you. I wish to enjoy my life in the present, for tomorrow is never promised.

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