Gregory Zagkos is a digital graphic designer and design consultant currently in Berne

I write and speak about trustworthy communication, creativity, mental health and self-improvement. My passion lies somewhere between nature, psychology, design, science and technology.

I maintain my network of freelancers and agencies and want to support other creative professionals.

With greg.design I focus on my design services. I help young entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups create authentic designed brand experiences so their projects can fulfill their purpose. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

If you would like to learn more about how I can support you as a creative consultant, get in touch with me today.

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Gregory's Story

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In addition to starting a global design business, and Red Lemon Club, I founded illustration curation site Ape on the Moon in 2009, and created a successful planner product called Book of Lift in 2017, used by hundreds of creatives and entrepreneurs.

As well as working with clients around the world, I have written several books on attracting clients, creativity, and standing out, and have written for 99u, Design Taxi, Computer Arts, Six Revisions, and Digital Arts.

I have spoken at numerous conferences and panels, including ICON Conference in Texas, OFFF festival in Barcelona, Behance in Tokyo, Ilustratour in Spain, DXSaigon in Vietnam, and the AOI in London.

More content

More of my writing can be found at Medium.

Samples of my illustrations and designs are here.

More of my films can be found at my YouTube channel.

My Red Lemon Show podcast, which ran for 18 episodes can be found here and my current ‘Stroll With Alex‘ podcast is here.

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"Pleasant consulting, good handling of specific requests, reliable and excellent work in terms of results!"
Claudio H.
breiby – Better Baby Food
"A big thank you for the incredibly strong work. Your work has helped us position our startup in the digital world. Our label has finally been able to grow up!"
Sandra Macaluso,
Designer at OceanSafe
"Very competent project partner. Recommendable!"
Elise Matter