King Charles and Sustainable Economy

Here is why I like King Charles
September 11, 2022
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As Prince Charles or newly King Charles III said in his speech after the death of his mother, of course he also knew that the loss will come one day. Queen Elizabeth leaves a great responsibility to her successors.

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She had witnessed a significant part of globalization and change up close at the very center of the Western economy. I find the Queen very interesting as a personality and I liked her calm, professional and self-confident nature. But in no way do I know enough about her or her life for me to judge her.

My grandfather is about the same age as the Queen. And when I imagine all the things these people must have experienced, it seems as if they came from a world that no longer exists.

For a long time we turned away from our origins, our nature. At first, it must have seemed as if the world was infinitely big. Then it seemed that our resources, our economy, and our demand for energy could be scaled endlessly. As we know today — or should know (!) — this perspective has been flipped upside down.

Former Prince Charles advocates for a sustainable economy

Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI)

King Charles III launched the Sustainable Markets Initiative to support economic development in a sustainable direction. RE:TV (a channel for sustainable companies and projects) is part of this initiative.

For a long time, I was not aware that he was committed to and promoting sustainable economic development models. Here is his statement:

Source: https://www.re-tv.org

Re:Tv OceanSafe portait

The first touchpoint I had with SMI and RE:TV was working with OceanSafe, a startup that wants to revolutionize the Textile Industry for the better.

OceanSafe was portrayed by RE:TV in the following Video:

Source: https://www.re-tv.org

Privileged starting position?

Even though King Charles wins sympathy points with me for his efforts, I also only know him from the media and from my research. Therefore, my opinion is really meant to be subjective.

The point I want to make is that I think it’s wonderful when well-known people embrace their presence in the public sphere and use that influence to support socially and environmentally relevant topics.

One can argue whether his starting position is privileged or not. That is certainly the case. There are many people who desire a stable backbone to build something for themselves.

Opportunities and reach

Today, everyone has a kind of megaphone in their hand. We can all share, comment and self-publish content. However, as a small part of the digital ecosystem and effectively being limited on finances as well, the reach for the majority is fairly small. Famous personalities have much more influence through their reach, for sure.

As a pure consumer, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to move the global situation in a sustainable direction. To overcome these huge challenges, the economy or “the system” must change from within. To do this, we need influential people who can campaign for such a development and mobilize their network.

My conclusion

I do not know whether King Charles is or was a good person, nor can I know what his intentions are. But what I do know is that he has previously used his influential position, at least periodically, to support sustainable, positive global change. To me, that is very expressive.

There are quite a few influential people, a large number of these are in leading positions. These are the very individuals who not only have the resources and reach, but more importantly they have the network to bring large-scale transformations in motion.

We will see how everything develops and how strongly Charles will commit himself to SMI or similar projects.

But my conclusion for now is: Hey Charles, nice work, keep it up! 👏🏼

I hope You liked this article. Do you have some thoughts on this as well? You can reach out to me here. I’d love to hear what you think! 💬

See you Soon!
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